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Don’t let your students forget a date and time for a lesson or course. Remind them where they need to be in time to get there with automated and customisable reminders.

Intake Forms

If you need student or pupil information before they join your classes, you can request and create lesson-specific intake forms to ensure they are taking the most appropriate course.

Calendar Sync

Don't let teaching and meeting times clash with your personal life and vacation time, synchronize your personal and professional calendars to avoid double booking yourself. Each teacher can sync their personal calendars with their teaching schedules.

Why Ajendia is an ideal fit for your educational and training businesses scheduling

With Ajendia you can accept bookings via various booking channels. Pick your favourite ones or enable all of them to ensure that you have the maximum online visibility!

Why Ajendia is an ideal fit for your educational and training businesses schedulin

Easy to use

It is not only easy for your clients to book your salon services 24/7. It is also easy for you to manage your online appointments, see new and upcoming bookings, schedule bookings from walk in clients etc.

Online & On site payments

Accept online payments or confirmation fee, upon client booking. For clients who walk into your salon, use our POS feature to schedule their appointments and accept payments by cash or credit cards

Always protected

Simplify your schedule and reclaim your tutoring time

When you run a training establishment or educational institution, the goal of the business is to provide education and positive results for your students. You don't need to waste valuable teaching time, arranging appointments and meetings. You can make your business practices more streamlined. Schedule group class times and allocate maximum numbers while allowing students to book classes and meetings themselves. Simplify your educational business and make more time for teaching.

The Best Educationsl Scheduling Software

Manage Clients

Keep your client lists organised, monitor and manage bookings, cancellations, and alterations, and keep clients and providers informed with notifications and reminders of upcoming bookings.

Manage Business

Stay up to date with your business performance via the admin app. Keep track of bookings, sales, provider workloads, and much more through your dashboard and insightful reports.

We´re here to help

Our top-notch, Live Chat support team are available 24 hours every weekday. Alternatively, you can access the comprehensive help centre with written instructions or video tutorials for all the features of our system.


What clients are saying

It has been a great experience and the customer support is very helpful. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs this type of service.

Samantha Jane
Lark Productions
I've looked at different booking solutions and found Ajendia not only has the best solution, but it also has the best price/quality ratio. And the Support team has been very helpfull for me.

Jake Warren
GM Studios
I love that it has so many features to customize the experience. As well its great help in cutting down bookings over the phone.

Kim Smith
Squant Media

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